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An Irish company founded in 2002, Dimension Network Systems is a value-added network integrator of multivendor IT Network Infrastructure Solutions. Our technical expertise, professionalism and partnerships provide the most-inclusive, single point-of-contact for network solutions. We are Ekahau Wi-Fi Survey Specialists providing Passive, Active and Predictive Surveys in Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Warehouse and Office Buildings.

Dimension Network Systems is a group of dedicated professionals with a consultative approach to wired and wi-fi network integration. We work with the leading IT vendors, Extreme Networks, FortinetCambium Networks allowing us to provide the best and most economical technology to our clients.

IP Connectivity is the core of our business and is the heart of today’s modern data infrastructures. Whether situated at the core, aggregating and switching traffic at the edge feeding in local services to the infrastructure or controlling and enabling secure LAN  and Wi-Fi access for corporate users, guests or IoT – IP connectivity is our business.  We design and install Network Infrastructure Solutions in the Datacentre, Campus and at the Edge.  We provide Wireless Planning services with Passive, Active and Predictive Wireless Surveys and install 5Ghz and the latest 6Ghz  Wi-Fi networks .

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We continually seek out and evaluate the latest IT Solutions in order to provide our customers with business advantages. We strive to be an extension of our client’s IT Team. Dimension Network Systems have over 25 years experience working with many of the leading technology vendors – Extreme Networks, Fortinet and Cisco. This enables us to design a secure network solution that uses the “best-in-class” equipment and by staying ahead of the technology curve, we have the ability to provide solutions that meet your networking demands today and to help plan technology migration strategies for the future.

We offer a broad range of IT services to help you assess, plan, design, implement, and optimize your network. We ensure that any new solution or upgrade becomes truly integrated and operational within your network environment. Dimension Network Systems delivers a network integration service rather than simple equipment installation, we will take you through the entire process, from needs analysis to the final working network, and beyond.

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