Network Security

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Network Security

Today, access to your internal networks are constantly exposed to sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals. Dimension Network Systems offers sophisticated solutions to protect your data, installing wan security systems and firewalls that are spread across all network users including head office personnel, remote office users, office users, systems devices and critical applications.
We design and configure network firewall solutions that provide secure, high-performance connectivity between users, applications and devices across your network and into the cloud. We also provide personalised firewall and security systems that will securely protect your data and offer secure, reliable access for your remote users.
Dimension Network Systems Network Installation
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Why Choose a Firewall Soluton from Us?

When it comes to your Enterprise IT network, data is the most vulnerable and valuable thing that you own. Because of this, it is vital to install a high-quality, professional network firewall to protect this important data and information. Supporting and securing hybrid architectures requires single-lens visibility across the entire distributed network.


This includes knowledge of every user and device on the network, the applications and resources they are accessing, and identifying anomalous behaviour and malicious activity anywhere.  

To support today’s expanding networks, what’s needed is a new next-generation firewall (NGFW) approach that integrates these functions into a unified platform providing contextually coordinated security across the network.

Here at Dimension Network Systems, we have almost two decades of experience in IT network systems, designing and installing professional network security systems for commercial clients in all industries. By installing a Fortinet firewall solution from us, you can rest assured that your IT networks are protected from malicious hackers and remain safe and secure for all users.

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