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Many of today’s organisations find that their network does not perform to its optimal level. Networks have grown from using a way to share printers and other peripherals to a way of supporting key business applications across the entire enterprise. Through network performance analysis, you can understand how your existing network infrastructure currently handles your organisation’s traffic. Dimension Network Systems can accurately assess your network and answers your questions:

“How well is my network performing?”

“Could we improve its performance?”

Benefits of Network Analysis

Quick Resolutions With bottlenecks and other network problems identified and analysed, and ultimately solutions proposed, you could keep your network running to its optimal performance. This form of preventative maintenance lets you see problems before they occur.
Maximise Productivity Regular Network Maintenance reduces time on routine maintenance, which increases the efficiency and productivity of your own support staff.
Planned Investments Exact performance information means you can avoid throwing money at a problem. You can plan any changes to your network well in advance rather than responding reactively to a problem.
Dimension Network Systems Network Security
We offer professional network maintenance and network support services in Dublin and throughout Ireland for clients in all industries, ensuring that your network system runs efficiently all year around.
Dimension Network Systems Network Installation

Network Audits

Network Audits from Dimension Network Systems is a more comprehensive evaluation of your network, which can entail:
All segments analysis
A physical audit (showing what equipment and software is present on your network)
Interconnect audit (detailing how your equipment is connected together)
Logical audit (analysing what traffic is present on your network).
During our network audit services, a network engineer conducts multiple snapshot traces on each segment to highlight peak and trough network activity over varying times. From the audit, Dimension Network Systems produces a tailored technical report on their finding and how the network could be improved.
The DNS Network Analysis brings an engineer to the customer site equipped with Monitoring tools to take traces of your network traffic.
The engineer will use the network traces to complete a report, which includes an analysis of traffic and errors and recommended design considerations.
The end result of this service offering shows you how much traffic is on the network, which segments are the busiest, which types of errors are most common (and how frequent they are), and present this in a clear and easy-to-understand report.
Network analysis also makes recommendations for ways to boost performance and fix bottlenecks, highlights devices with potential errors, and segments protocol distribution listings.
Dimension Network Systems Network Installation
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