Network Design

Dimension Network Systems objective and flexible approach to vendor selection and technology changes allows you to choose the most appropriate design for your networks’ current and future requirements.

Our IT Network Design Process

Dimension Network Systems Wireless Networking Design
Dimension Network Systems Wireless Networking Design

Benefits of Design

Multivendor objectivity

We have working experience with equipment from multiple vendors. We’ll design a solution that uses the “best-in-class” equipment.

A single, high-value relationship

Getting a network from design to implementation can resemble a relay race. There’s a chance to “drop the baton” at each stage, particularly if you are managing several suppliers and contractors. DNS provide the necessary co-ordination and project management service from initial evaluation of requirements to the final working system. This can reduce your administrative costs and management risks significantly.

Planning for the future

By staying ahead of the technology curve, we have the ability to provide solutions that meet your networking demands today and to help plan technology migration strategies.

Total network solutions

We not only design networks; we also deliver, install and maintain them. We take you through the entire process, from needs analysis to the final working network, and beyond.

Dimension Network Systems Wireless Networking Design
Dimension Network Systems Wireless Networking Design

What Can DNS Deliver During the Design Stage?

Needs analysis

We help you define your goals.

Technology assessment

We help you review the various networking technologies available, and present an objective view. This allows you to determine which are the best solutions to your particular needs. We can help you select media (copper, fibre, wireless…), standard LAN access methods, wide-area options (private or public WAN facilities), internetworking strategies (switches, routers, bridges, gateways) and other ways to tie networks together.

Design services

Once you have reached an informed viewpoint and have selected a preferred technology, DNS can undertake the design or assist you in designing the network.


To provide you with additional assurance on the validity of a network design or particular configuration, DNS can perform proof-of-concept project trials.

Dimension Network Systems Wireless Networking Design
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